Reflections Project

I had this project due on October 15th right? Well the category i chose was film production. From the very FIRST DAY I got that stupid project i was working my but off! The theme was ” Together we can” so my film was going to be about a girl who did everything alone because she thought other people only messed up her plans. But then when she joins the school talent show her act gets all messed up (posters fall of the walls, CD is scratched, Robots that were dancing with her get coffee spilled on them, ext.) so her best friends half to hop on stage to help her. All together i needed 7 cast members. I spent over a week getting the scrip ready and the cast in order. So, Friday before my cast went home I told them that I would be calling over the weekend. Today, the ONLY day that everyone was supposed to be free (it was a 3 day weekend and i had tried all the other days but something happened and yesterday when I called everyone they were cool with meeting today) for filming I called my cast members up. I’ll use fake names to describe what happened. The main character, Noodles didn’t even have her cell charged. Artist numbers 1 and 2 didn’t pick up. Robots number 1 and 2 were suddenly busy. And the drummer, Bacon I didn’t even bother calling. EVERY SINGLE THING I DID ON THAT PROJECT WAS FOR NOTHING! The project is due Friday so now I half to change my theme to Literature and you best believe I’M SUPPER PISSED OFF!!!!! I hate it when people get you over excited and then they chop your head off. All that work down the drain because my “friends” are retards. Unfortunatly this is a 100% true story. Kieans I hope your life turns out better than mine currently is doing.

Yours Truely



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