My feildtrip

My brother is lucky they had no feildtrips when he went to school. We took a feild trip to the _______ County Water Heritage Center. The thing the “forgot” to put on the permission slips was that the place was an aflak. If it looks, smells, and quacks like a duck, it’s Aflac. If it looks like a factory, smells like a bad word stating with S, and makes a “clunk” noise every so often, it’s the water cleaning place. I NEVER WANT TO DRINK WATER AGAIN AFTER GOING HERE!!!!!! now, I am prone to odd smells but this place was HORRIBLE!!!! Just think, (the toilet used to be called the inventors last name… it happens to be crapper) next time you go to the crapper. Some poor kids are gonna see it on a feild trip. sorry this post is so gross but… NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THERE!!!!


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