(My Period) I’m sick of questions but could use some more

I feel like I’m the only middle school girl in the 6th grade that ever lived to be in the bathroom 10 minutes longer than everyone else cause I’m trying to change my pad. Whenever my period starts my mom has a flood of questions to ask me! Did you get a pad, yes. Did you get blood on your sheets, no. Do you feel any cramping, no. Did you this and Will you that… I’m sick and tired of her questioning me. It’s just my mom that irritates me. I don’t know why everyone hates their period… the only bad part about mine other than the overload of questions is the lack of them too. How do you ask your friends if they’re on their periods yet? I just don’t see me walking up to someone and being like “Hey, are  you on your period because I am and it’s friggin pissing me off”. Not likley. I wish somebody would ask me if I was on MY period because when you ask your friends and they say no you’re just like… oh.
Anyways my period doesn’t cause me problems because of cramping or thin pads or even because it just sucks… it’s cause of questions. I really do dough going to 1st grade to learn about Language Arts…


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