What is Christmas really supposed to be?

I decided for this post to tell you a fue things about my year and about how Christmas it going so far….Losts of post are probably spreaded all over the place about OMG IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS but I have some today to give Christmas more meaning (hopefully give you something to think about too).


We all know how people call Christmas that but the name is over 80% irrelevant to Christmas. As you should know Christmas is on December 25th, Jesus’s birthday. Well for one thing I know lots of non Christan people who celebrate Christmas anyways! And the main point of this section in the blog post is… WHAT DOES JESUS’S BIRTHDAY EVEN HAVE TO DO WITH GIVING PEOPLE PRESENTS. I would prefer to get gifts and what not but If the holiday was celebrated correctly little kids would probably HATE Christmas. On Christmas families should fast, go to church, and give thanks (not gifts) to the lord and his son, so why is it that we all get decorations, buy a tree, sing carols, and as a matter of a fact CLOSE most churches?


I don’t know the first thing about these two holidays for one golden reason. They are celebrated correctly. Yes they do give out gifts but for a reason not just because they needed stocking stuffers. The holidays both give thanks to family, friends, and their god(s). That is why everyone loves December because of Christmas. The Holiday was well… jacked up.


I love Christmas and all but these are just some things I’ve been thinking about lately. My family does Christmas really different from others (this year as specially) and I was just wondering why so? We do a Christmas breakfast instead of dinner. We don’t really decorate that much,, and we usually do but this year there’s no tree, just a pile of presents.Why would we need a tree anyways is all I was thinking about when I decided to post this.


At my house I either get a birthday party in November, we do a Christmas party or a New years party… that’s all I have to say…


I will have a more spereted post tommoro but these are just some things to consider…

-Kia out

Have a happy holidays Kieans!


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