Pinky Black has pissed me off

Go on facebook and look up Pinky Black. This girl has pissed me the hell off and I just relied how angry I was with her. I logged on fbook to tell everyone that J-o-b stands for just over broke but the top of my page was a picture of Ansley’s foot with the word weed written on it in purple pen. A long while ago Ansley and I where close to being best friends. We slept over at eachother’s houses, talked at school, and even went to six flags together! You know what she said to me the next school year? I was walking to lunch from connections and saw Ansley. I said hey but she didn’t respond I figured she didn’t hear me and I was in a hurry so I just walked right by. Well one day I was bored at home and decided to text her.

Me: Hey

Ansley: Can’t you take a hint? I D ON’T LIKE YOU! (bunch of other stuff I can’t remember that I found really rude) btw…said as nicely as possible

Me: What? who is this? have you gone insane?!  is this Ansley’s brother?

Ansley: No it’s not him. I’m not insane. I just don’t like you

Kayla becomes confused as heck. (I don’t really remember what I said next but it was something that lead to this…)

Me:WELL FINE! go ahead and take me to 6 flags, have your mom spend her money on me, invite me to paries and have me thinking were friends and suddenly drop me! I don’t care!!!

Ansley: Well, it’s not that I didn’t like you it’s just that…We’ve grown apart, like, I’m more mature than you

*more mature?!*

Me: Oh, well I guess I can understand that

Ansley: well, ya

After thinking long and hard about it and doing some resurch I revised something. If you’re smart you can do the math. My school is split into 5 teams. special ed, regulars, little smarter, bit smarter, really smart, and probies (the smartest). If you’re on one team for all four classes and you don’t have connections with a certain person you talk a bit less than usual. (The school actually really pulls you from your friends. You stay on team the whole time, don’t see them during connections, and either cant talk to them or don’t even eat lunch with them.)  Ansley’s friends last year consisted of me, gloria, taylor, and Mckayla along with some other miscellaneous people.


Now I always thought highly of Ansley. She was a good friend and her family seemed to have a lot of money. She always dressed cool and stars on A T.V. show (i always wanted to be an actress). I was sometimes a bit jealous of her but after I had my theory of why she didn’t talk to me anymore I got really pissed.


Probies: me and Taylor partly mckayla

Really Smart:partly mckayla, Ansley, and gloria

Ansley’s “imature” people: Me and taylor

People she still talkes to: Mckayla and Gloria


Get my dirft here?

Soon after deciding she disliked me, she added me on fbook and told me happy new years. She’s the one friend of mine who’s birthday I decited to remember and look what she does to me. I’m truely pissed.



Now that I’ve said all this to you, Ansley I feel a bit better. If you want to talk about the matter then please, keep it between text or on facebook. I don’t really want to talk to you in person right now.


Thanks a bunch Ansley for reading this!
-Kayla Out


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