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I go to school like all the other girls my age and I must say I’m PUMPED for this new semester! How are you feeling? I had a B last semester and I don’t really like B’s so I plan to pull up that grade to the MAXX!!! I also have a daily schedule for myself so that I don’t just sit on the computer and waste my life away. I really can’t wait for the middle of the year! SOON I’M GONNA BE HALF OVER WITH THIS STUPID GRADE I’M IN AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

how about you? Kia out!


What is Christmas really supposed to be?

I decided for this post to tell you a fue things about my year and about how Christmas it going so far….Losts of post are probably spreaded all over the place about OMG IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS but I have some today to give Christmas more meaning (hopefully give you something to think about too).


We all know how people call Christmas that but the name is over 80% irrelevant to Christmas. As you should know Christmas is on December 25th, Jesus’s birthday. Well for one thing I know lots of non Christan people who celebrate Christmas anyways! And the main point of this section in the blog post is… WHAT DOES JESUS’S BIRTHDAY EVEN HAVE TO DO WITH GIVING PEOPLE PRESENTS. I would prefer to get gifts and what not but If the holiday was celebrated correctly little kids would probably HATE Christmas. On Christmas families should fast, go to church, and give thanks (not gifts) to the lord and his son, so why is it that we all get decorations, buy a tree, sing carols, and as a matter of a fact CLOSE most churches?


I don’t know the first thing about these two holidays for one golden reason. They are celebrated correctly. Yes they do give out gifts but for a reason not just because they needed stocking stuffers. The holidays both give thanks to family, friends, and their god(s). That is why everyone loves December because of Christmas. The Holiday was well… jacked up.


I love Christmas and all but these are just some things I’ve been thinking about lately. My family does Christmas really different from others (this year as specially) and I was just wondering why so? We do a Christmas breakfast instead of dinner. We don’t really decorate that much,, and we usually do but this year there’s no tree, just a pile of presents.Why would we need a tree anyways is all I was thinking about when I decided to post this.


At my house I either get a birthday party in November, we do a Christmas party or a New years party… that’s all I have to say…


I will have a more spereted post tommoro but these are just some things to consider…

-Kia out

Have a happy holidays Kieans!


Hey guys! I have a new page all for members and for the top Kienan. If you try to go to that page you can see that you can’t log in. Well in order to become a member and see all the fun cool things behind that password like cool websites, Pools, contests, and ext send me your email. You will be sent an email of updates on the website and so such. GO AHEAD AND TELL ME YOUR EMAIL. at any time if you’re done being a member you just email me and I’ll change the password for the page and stop sending you emails. it’s that simple!

Birthday! (and I’m shutting down)

BOUT TIME I POSTED THIS!!!! Well… in the last part we talked about… uhh… oh yeah… my earings! Ok so im not gonnna list the other two parts to this story. To the 2 people that actually like my blog sorry but I’m not gonna do it… i just haven’t been getting enought veiws. If you wanna see more of this story then you goota tell ppl to visit the site! I’m not oging to post it till i get some answers on the pools and 30 veiws in one day. Hard to do i know but if this continuses I’m closing down my blog completly!



OK so i have a new page called polls with 2 of them on there!

I changed the background!



Birthday (part 1 of 3)

Actually my birthday was a long while ago (early November) but i never told you about it. If any of my friends read this blog the should be able to figure out my true identity unless they’re mentally retarded (no offense). But anyway to start the story out we need to rewind time a fue weeks and I’ll tell the story like what I was thinking. As far as names go for all three parts I’m going to change names to everyday dairy and grain products. We’ll start at school a day before my birthday with my good friend Cheese who sits next to me in math.


Cheese said she recently got here ears pierced and it only hurt for a fue seconds. You see I had my ears done when I was 3 moths old but It didn’t come with instructions so no one knew you has to clean the ears and turn the earing ….ext. Well after that my ears got infected and closed up. It was the start of ____ school for me and I was no longer a little ___ schooler! Now i wanted to get my ears done over more than ever! I told my dad I wanted them re-done and he said he’d tell my mom.


On my birthday when I woke up my dad was making breakfast for me. After I ate my mom took me to get my hair done and my hairstylist did a good job because thanksgiving is almost here and it still looks glossy! On the way home I told my mom about my plan to get my earrings done because again, my dad forgot something important. She animatedly spun the car around and headed towards the Mall of whatever state I live in!  As soon as we got there she was glancing at the directory for a good place to go.


After a lot of confusion we finally headed in the direction of Paragonda and picked out the following earrings  for $40. none Nice deal!


Then… OK let’s say it this way for just the smart people out there that happen to know this. If at that very moment i swallowed my gum when I was done digesting it my mom still wasn’t done picking herself a necklace. When she did however FINALLY finish i was sat down in a chair to face my doom. I was completely confident till the process begun. IT HURT!!! It stung afterwards for like an hour and whenever my mom cleans them she does it way to hard! my mom promised me a party next weekend and you can see part 2 for more about that.

Peace, love, friends, CANDY!!!!!

Anime cat girl off google! so cute!