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Double C, Christmas and Church

So, Christmas as most people should know is the birth of Jesus and the whole giving gift things was mad up by some American, or was it a British person……someone who wanted gifts. Christians go to church but this is the first year I can remember where we’ve gone to church on Christmas. Usually when someone in the age range of 4-19 hears “Church” there’s one universal meaning. In my own words it’s two hours of my life, deteriorated into nothingness. I don’t like church. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just boring.


School is more fun than church. I mean, in school they don’t make you:

  • stand up and sing
  • nearly starve to death
  • listen to one man talk, well, more yell for two hours
  • or give away a dollar.

Now, i know what some of you are thinking, wow, she’s such a jerk BUT, I have reasons for not liking these things.

First of all, I find it harder to breath when I stand up for a while. I, as most other people of the world, hate being hungry, and, the things the preacher says go in one ear and out the other. At school, you get to participate and you actually NEED to know the things teachers tell you. It’s good to know about your own religion but truth be told, if you know the basic ten commandments and how to be saved, there’s not really a punishment for not knowing the rest. God is forgiving to those types of things.


I did have a time when I liked church. The church did a cute little play, that was 9000 times more interesting than hearing the preacher. Church isn’t fun for me but, it’s not like I have much an option so, let me go pick out a dress.